Seminar: Oussama Kathib in Napoli


mer 3 giugno p.v. alle ore 15 il prof. Oussama Khatib di Stanford University terrà il seminario Human-Centered Robotics presso l’auditorium PICO in via terracina 230 a Napoli, accanto al biennio di ingegneria

siete vivamente invitati!
affettuosità, bruno [link]

Libralis – Autocalibrated Gravity Compensation of 3DoF Impedance Haptic Devices

Libralis is a software package which provides C++ developers with a user-friendly tool to actively compensate the apparent gravity force acting on the haptic device end-effector.

The actual effects of gravity force are measured in the specific custom setup chosen by the user through an off-line recursive estimation procedure .  Then the acquired data are used on-line to cancel the effects of the end-effector apparent gravity.

For further details, technical information and downloads, please visit the web page:

Haptic feedback for mobile phones

Immersion presented a touchscreen for a iPhone-like keyboard. Tactile feedback for mobile phones will certainly be part of our every-day life. [via engadget] _DP

2009 IEEE RAS Chapter of the Year Award

Dear Friends,

The Italian Chapter of Robotics and Automation received the 2009 Chapter of the Year Award from the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. The award has been presented to me by our President Bruno Siciliano at the Awards Ceremony at ICRA 2009 in Kobe on Saturday, May 16, 2009.

The award is a signal of how active we are.
Congratulations to all of us !!!!

[Pictures of the event]

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