Wonderful social dinner at the planetarium in Chicago with such a nice skyline #haptics2015. Great organization !!! 

Wonderful social dinner at the planetarium in Chicago with such a nice skyline #haptics2015. Great organization !!! 


Half-day workshop on “Cutaneous Feedback for Teleoperation in Medical Robotics”

Please join our workshop on “Cutaneous Feedback for Teleoperation in Medical Robotics”!

It will take place on June 22 during the 2015 IEEE World Haptics Conference in Chicago, USA.

Dr. Antonio Gangemi (University of Illinois Medical Center)
Dr. Lawton Verner (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.)
Prof. Catagay Basdogan (Koc University)
Dr. Claudio Pacchierotti (Italian Institute of Technology)
Prof. Domenico Prattichizzo (University of Siena and Italian Institute of Technology),
Prof. Allison M. Okamura (Stanford University)
Prof. Dong-Soo Kwon (KAIST)
Prof. Katherine J. Kuchenbecker (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Webpage: http://sirslab.diism.unisi.it/whc15-cutaneous-in-medicine/

Wunderlist with folders and calendar feed

Dear All, there are two nice features in Wanderlust. The first one is to use folders: you can group similar activities in finders. Have a look here

The second is to sync the due dates of your tasks with the calendar. Have a look here

ACANTO: A cyberphysical social networks using robots friends

The project “ACANTO: A cyberphysical social networks using robots friends” is at the service of the older adults. ACANTOconcerns a robotic integrated system whose main objective is to stimulate the elderly to perform physical activity in order toprevent many of the their typical pathologies by improving their quality of life. The wearable robotic devices will monitor thephysical and mental well-being of users involving them in a Social Network able to suggest the activities that can be done by creating a network among the community of older adults, relatives and all health care workers.

The draft is approximately 4 million and 300 thousand euro funded under the Call of Health HORIZON 2020, which concerns”Health, demographic change and well-being Personalizing and health care: Advancing active and healthy aging H2020-19-2014-PHC Research and Innovation Action”. The project is coordinated by Prof. Luigi Palopoli, University of Trento, andinvolves the University of Siena, the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, INRIA Renne, FORTH Heraklion, the public buildings Spanish Servicio de Salud Madrileno, and companies such as Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Oesterreich, Atos Spainand Telecom Italy SpA. 

The research group of the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics, University of Siena is led by Prof.Domenico Prattichizzo. The group will be principally involved in the development of wearable robotic devices, in the construction of environmental maps and the development of the CyberPhysical Social Network.


June 16, 2014- La Repubblica Affari&Finanza-Se il compagno di scuola è un Robot.

An interview with the Professor Prattichizzo in the context of educational robotics, where the Professor explains the recent experience in the school of Montisi.foto (9)