GoToMeeting vs. Skype vs. Google Hangouts

I am in my office, waiting for the RSS are chair meeting. For personal reasons I will not attend in person but from my office. The conference call will be with GoToMeeting. Then I found this article comparing the tools I usually us and GoToMeeting. If you are interested, it is worth reading. Enjoy: GoToMeeting vs. Skype vs. Google Hangouts – Intentionally Digital.


Clean the auto-complete list of OS X mail email addressed.

Sometimes I had troubles with the email address in OS X mail. The reason was that the auto-complete list was remembering wrong or old addresses. To clean the auto-complete list of OS X mail, select Window in the menu and then Previous Recipients. You can delete all the email addresses or only the one you do not want to remember.


Two Plugins To Publish Quick Posts On WordPress

I’m using Press This to post news on wordpress.

Have a look here on how to install. Two Plugins To Publish Quick Posts On WordPress. _D.

Tip on how to pick the first frame of a short clip/movie/video

When I create a video/movie for our research, I find very useful to put as  FIRST FRAME the most significative shot and not the title with the authors which comes later. This will help me to better search (visually) the movie in my movies’ album of iPhone. This is also very interesting when you include the clip in your slides.