6 Essential Study Tips for the PhD Student | Top Universities

What makes a PhD student successful, productive and happy? Check out these six essential study tips for the PhD student.

Source: 6 Essential Study Tips for the PhD Student | Top Universities

This trick to download youtube files really works and is super simple.

Just insert in the address two s before youtube. From http://www.youtube… to http://www.ssyoutube…

▶ EASY !! Download and Save Youtube videos to your computer – simple trick !! – YouTube.

Comandi di Dettatura in OS X – Supporto Apple

Sto usando moltissimo la dettatura vocale. Per usare la punteggiatura e i caratteri tipografici in italiano ho trovato questa lista di comandi. Mi è stata molto utile. _DP

Comandi di Dettatura in OS X – Supporto Apple.

GoToMeeting vs. Skype vs. Google Hangouts

I am in my office, waiting for the RSS are chair meeting. For personal reasons I will not attend in person but from my office. The conference call will be with GoToMeeting. Then I found this article comparing the tools I usually us and GoToMeeting. If you are interested, it is worth reading. Enjoy: GoToMeeting vs. Skype vs. Google Hangouts – Intentionally Digital.


Clean the auto-complete list of OS X mail email addressed.

Sometimes I had troubles with the email address in OS X mail. The reason was that the auto-complete list was remembering wrong or old addresses. To clean the auto-complete list of OS X mail, select Window in the menu and then Previous Recipients. You can delete all the email addresses or only the one you do not want to remember.