The video lectures on “The Art of Grasping and Manipulation in Robotics” at the University of Siena are now available



Dear Roboticists,

my team and I realized at the University of Siena a series of short video lectures on robotic grasping and we would like to share with you the result.

The on-line course on “The Art of Grasping and Manipulation in Robotics” is now available:

Building dexterous robotic hands and studying new algorithms to control them is essential to allow industrial, service, and humanoid robots to interact with objects around them, and, possibly, with humans in a natural and safe way. The main objective of this course is to give an overview of grasp modeling and control, also introducing the SynGrasp MATLAB® Toolbox.

The course is based on the chapter on Grasping of the Springer Handbook of Robotics:

Video Lectures have mainly been recorded during real lectures and are structured in four units.

I hope you will find this course useful. We are open to comments and suggestions on how to improve it and possibly extend it to include more topics.

Best regards,

_Domenico and the #SIRSLab team


Content of the course:

Unit 1: Basic concepts – Lecturer: Domenico Prattichizzo

Lecture 1.1: Introduction to the course

Lecture 1.2: Power and precision grasp

Lecture 1.3: The friction cone

Lecture 1.4: The Grasp Matrix

Lecture 1.5: Notation

Unit 2: Grasp modeling – Lecturer: Monica Malvezzi

Lecture 2.1: Object Kinematics

Lecture 2.2: Hand Kinematics

Lecture 2.3: Contact models

Lecture 2.4: Quasi-static model of the grasp

Lecture 2.5: Grasp properties

Unit 3: Grasp control – Lecturer: Domenico Prattichizzo

Lecture 3.1: Hand Control

Lecture 3.2: Control of the object

Lecture 3.3: Limitations of the rigid-body assumption

Supplementary material 3.1: Indeterminate grasps

Supplementary material 3.2: Graspability

Unit 4: SynGrasp – Lecturer: Maria Pozzi

Lecture 4.1: Introduction to the SynGrasp Toolbox

Lecture 4.2: Robotics research with SynGrasp [Slides]

Lecture 4.3: Basic examples [Exercises]


Domenico Prattichizzo

– Professor of Robotics and Haptics, University of Siena

– Senior Scientist, IIT Genova

– President Eurohaptics Society

– IEEE Fellow



phone: +39 329 2606659

skype: domenico.prattichizzo


Ingegneria a Siena è ottava su 68 in Italia

CHE RISULTATO !!! Sarà che succedono tutte oggi. Sulla Nazione di oggi, il Rettore rende noto che Ingegneria a Siena va forte !!! Ingegneria si piazza ottava su una classifica di 68 Atenei per la Valutazione della Qualità della Ricerca, realizzata dall’agenzia nazionale ANVUR.

È IMPORTANTE STUDIARE A SIENA !!! Dobbiamo convincerci che non è andando a studiare altrove che si risolvono i problemi !!! L’Ateneo è un bene importante per la nostra città e va fatto crescere con i nostri ragazzi !!!





Programma degli STAGE presso i nostro Dipartimento

psicologia-ok.pngQuesti sono gli STAGE presso i nostri laboratori organizzati per gli  studenti interessati ad iscriversi il prossimo anno ad uno dei Corsi di Laurea del Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione e Scienze Matematiche dell’Università di Siena

Vi aspettiamo


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Springer book on Cutaneous Haptic Feedback in Robotic Teleoperation 

The Springer book by Claudio Pacchierotti on “Cutaneous Haptic Feedback in Robotic Teleoperation” is available.

The foreword/acknowledgements/table-of-contents is here available.

The book is available for purchase at Springer Link.

Congratulations Claudio. Keep running.


Screenshot from 2015-11-10 10:39:12

Source: Cutaneous Haptic Feedback in Robotic Teleoperation – Springer

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