Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted. The first approach with Robotics: a dream becomes true @SirsLab

Testing applications

Read the article in italian here: Unione italiana ciechi la robotica un sogno realizzabile


Today I invited all the folks in the group to join a new lab event: WOTTIS.

What is WOTTIS ? Writing Or Thinking Together In Silence

WOTTIS is a shared time and space our group uses to write or think together but in silence.

Writing is essential to order and make more clear our ideas.

Each big advancement requires a soundtrack. We have one:

Some shots of the WOTTIS day [Jan. 10, 2013] in the library of the Engineering Department in Siena

WOTTIS was a success and it will become a habit for the WA-SIRSLab.


ps. We have some slides: WOTTIS.key


The EU project WEARHAP appeared on the front page of La Repubblica, the largest circulation Italian daily newspaper.

The full article is available here: L’archivio delle carezze le nostre emozioni in un file

A 24 DoF human hand model is now available in SynGrasp


A new hand model is available in SynGrasp, you can find more details and download it following this link:

grasp 24 dofs

Shine! – La Notte dei Ricercatori in Toscana

Shine! - La Notte dei Ricercatori in Toscana

In occasione della notte dei ricercatori in Toscana, Venerdì 27 Settembre a Siena alle Logge del Papa dalle 17 alle 21 potrete vedere i nostri robot in azione.

Se riusciamo a completare l’esperimento (incrociamo le dita) dovremmo poter controllare una mano robotica leggendo il pensiero.

Locandina Notte dei Ricercatori

An old installation art from SIRSLab

Many years ago  Massimo Gallorini and myself realized this interesting installation art mixing virtual and real visual and haptic interaction with an egg in travertine which was presented in Arezzo, Mostra Arte e Coscienza, in 2005.

The installation consists of – a base with lava rock or steel mesh in the shape of a parallelepiped, approx. 80x80x80 cm. – a great Egg (60×45 cm.) Travertine  with multimedia LCD monitor. – a haptic interface able to provide tactile interaction with the virtual egg.

Domenico Prattichizzo

DSC00515 installation art