[jobs] 2 PHD Openings – Highly Wearable Robotics and Highly Wearable Haptics – University of Siena – Deadline July 17, 2017 (2pm).

Dear future scientists, if you want to start a new research adventure on Wearable Haptics for AR/VR and Teleoperation and on Supernumerary Robotic Limbs to help people with impairments and to define new paradigms of human robot integrations, apply to the two PhD scholarships on
– Supernumerary limbs to compensate and augment the manipulation abilities of humans
– Technologies and methodologies for robotic manipulation and wearable haptics [In cooperation with Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genova] now available at the SIRSLab of the University of Siena
The PhD program is in Information Engineering and Science at the University of Siena (one of the two scholarships is in cooperation with the Istituito Italiano di Tecnologia in Genova)
To apply to one of the two scholarships, follow the instruction on line  (this step is mandatory and the deadline is July 17 at 2pm)
and send an email to domenico.prattichizzo@unisi.it.
To know more about the research activities and for any additional questions send me an email.
Thanks for your interest
_Domenico Prattichizzo and the #sirslab team
Domenico Prattichizzo
Professor of Robotics, University of Siena
Senior Scientist, IIT Genova
IEEE Fellow
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www: https://prattichizzoblog.wordpress.com
phone: +39 329 2606659
skype: domenico.prattichizzo
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Wearable Haptics is the 2nd most downloaded paper on IEEE Transactions on Haptics

Our paper on Wearable Haptics “Towards wearability in fingertip haptics: a 3-DoF wearable device for cutaneous force feedback.” by Domenico Prattichizzo, Francesco Chinello,Claudio Pacchierotti, Monica Malvezzi. published on IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 6(4):506-516, 2013 is the second most downloaded paper on the IEEE Transactions on Haptics journal as shown yesterday the the EIC Lynette Jones at #whc2017 at the World Haptics Conference in Munich. The first one is a review/survey paper on medical training simulators. #sirslab

Thimbles, rings, armbands: a challenging road towards wearability in haptics at #WH2017

Thimbles, rings, armbands: a challenging road towards wearability in haptics is the ‘new’ title of my talk at the Workshop on Wearable Haptics in Munich on next Tuesday at the World Haptic Conference in Munich #WHC17 http://sirslab.diism.unisi.it/whc17-wearable-haptics/ _DP #sirslab.

A new perspective paper published on Frontiers on Neurorobotics

A human-robot interaction perspective on assistive and rehabilitation robotics

Philipp Beckerle, Gionata Salvietti, Ramazan Unal, Domenico Prattichizzo, Simone Rossi, Claudio Castellini, Sandra Hirche, Satoshi Endo, Heni Ben Amor, Matei Ciocarlie, Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Brenna D. Argall and Matteo Bianchi

Abstract Assistive and rehabilitation devices are a promising and challenging field of recent robotics research. Motivated by societal needs such as aging populations, such devices can support motor functionality and subject training. The design, control, sensing and assessment of the devices become more sophisticated due to a human in the loop. This paper gives a human-robot interaction perspective on current issues and opportunities in the field. On the topic of control and machine learning, approaches that support but do not distract subjects are reviewed.  Options to provide sensory user-feedback that are currently missing from robotic devices are outlined. Parallels between device acceptance and affective computing are made. Furthermore, requirements for functional assessment protocols that relate to real-world tasks are discussed. In all topic areas, the design of human-oriented frameworks and methods is dominated by challenges related to the close interaction between the human and robotic device. This paper discusses the aforementioned aspects in order to open up new perspectives for future robotic solutions.
A human-robot interaction perspective on assistive and rehabilitation robotics. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316735448_A_human-robot_interaction_perspective_on_assistive_and_rehabilitation_robotics