A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation by Murray, Li and Sastry is on line

Richard Murray, wrote a note announcing that his book on robotic manipulation is now available on line as a pdf download. _DP

The first edition of “A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic 
Manipulation” by Richard Murray, Zexiang Li and Shankar Sastry is now 
available online as a PDF download:


The copyright is held by CRC Press, but individuals can download the 
book in PDF format for personal use.  A second edition is being 
prepared and will also be available online.

The wiki will be getting built up over the next several months and 
will contain chapter summaries, frequently asked questions, 
supplemental exercises and other material related to the book and its 
use in courses.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Richard M. Murray
Control and Dynamical Systems
California Institute of Technology