Tommaso Lisini PhD defence and degree

Our #sirslab star Tommaso Lisini during his excellent defence. Congratulations Tommaso for your PhD degree !!!

Our #sirslab star Tommaso Lisini during his excellent defence. Congratulations Tommaso for your PhD degree !!!

Posted by Domenico Prattichizzo on Friday, April 27, 2018

San Francisco Cross-Cutting Challenges on “Expanding Sensory Interactions: The Path to Intelligent Clothes and Objects Able to Change the Way We Communicate With the World”

Tomorrow we will run the Cross-Cutting Challenge on Expanding Sensory Motor Interactions organized by @Claudio Pacchierotti, @Leonardo Meli and myself in San Francisco at the IEEE Haptics Symposium 2018 #hapitcs2018 venue.

Recently, Elon Musk told an audience at the Dubai World Government Summit that “over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.” In an age when AI and autonomy are becoming widespread, there is a growing need to empower human interactions through new intelligent devices. Nowadays, we have small wearable devices able to apply compelling haptic sensations as well as comfortable instrumented garments able to sense inputs coming from the human wearer (contact forces and motion). In the future, we foresee an advancement of these technologies toward more wearable and seamless solutions, until their complete blend and merge in what we call “wearable sensorimotor interfaces”. These novel interfaces will be able to sense user input and biometric information, and to apply haptic and other stimuli in an extremely seamless and comfortable way. This will be the first step toward a new field of research that can dramatically enlarge the potentiality and applicability of haptics to enhance human capabilities, health, and human interaction with digital information. Future applications may be in mixed and augmented reality, human sensory augmentation (e.g., extra limbs), assistance to elderly and disabled people, and natural control of intelligent devices (e.g., Internet of Things, smartphones).

The Cross-Cutting Challenge it is the first initiative of the haptics community and we are sure that our CCC will ispire and will get inspired by the interaction of the following renewed friends and colleagues:

Domenico Prattichizzo – University of Siena and Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Italy #sirslab
Hrvoje Benko – Oculus Research, USA
Vincent Hayward – University of London, UK, and Actronika SAS, France
Lucy Dunne – University of Minnesota, USA
Matteo Bianchi – University of Pisa, Italy
Akihito Noda – Nanzan University, Japan
Hong Z. Tan – Purdue University, USA
Simone Rossi – University of Siena, Italy
Katherine J. Kuchenbecker – Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Germany
Meg Grant – Seismic, Inc, USA
Allison M. Okamura – Stanford University, USA
Antonio Frisoli – TeCIP Institute, Italy
Leonardo Meli – University of Siena, Italy #sirslab
Claudio Pacchierotti – CNRS, France
Marcia O’Malley – Rice University, USA
Karon MacLean – University of British Columbia, Canada
Brad Holschuh – University of Minnesota, USA



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Rotary Siena Est for Give Me Six #SIRSLAB

Domenica 25 Marzo si terrà presso il Royal Golf la Bagnaia la terza edizione della Golf Cup Rotary Siena Est.
Tutti i fondi raccolti saranno destinati al nostro Laboratorio di Robotica #SIRSLAB del Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione dell’Università degli Studi di Siena.
In particolare il service è rivolto al progetto “Give Me Six – IL sesto dito robotico da indossare: una nuova opportunità per i pazienti colpiti da Ictus.”
Ringrazio di cuore il Rotary Club Siena Est e il suo presidente Prof. Paolo Frezzotti per l’entusiasmo e l’attenzione rivolta a questo progetto e alle tante iniziative importanti che riguardano la nostra comunità. #rotary #sirslab

Il grande compositore Andrea Guerra al #sirslab

Science is Art.

Il gande compositore Andrea Guerra al #sirslab. Stay tuned !!!

Oggi il compositore Andrea Guerra e la film maker Alice Tomassini sono stati ospiti d’onore del #sirslab per una contaminazione tra arte e tecnologia. Grandissima professionalità di Andrea e Alice. Andrea ha scritto per Giorgia la musica di Gocce di memoria, ed è autore della colonna sonora del film La finestra di fronte, diretto da Ferzan Özpetek.
Prevedo qualcosa di importante in un futuro non certo remoto. #staytuned

Oggi il compositore Andrea Guerra e la film maker Alice Tomassini sono stati ospiti d'onore del #sirslab per una…

Posted by Domenico Prattichizzo on Friday, March 9, 2018

The official 2018 #SIRSLab group picture

This is the great picture taken at Palazzo Pubblico in Siena of the glorious (yes please let me use such an adjective, at least for fun :-)) #SIRSLab with our friend Simone Rossi. _DP DSC00059.JPG

Collaborate Online and Offline with Overleaf and Git 

A history of changes in the GitHub GUI

I was using svn for LaTeX and Google doc for WYSIWYG sharing technique. The main issue was that I could not use with GDOC my beloved emacs editor, or better hands-computer interface. Now I am testing overleaf and GIT. I hope it will work better in my workflow. _DP

Source: New: Collaborate Online and Offline with Overleaf and Git (beta) – Overleaf Blog