SIRSLab – Siena Robotics and System Lab – Main Lab Video Presentation – 2017 – #sirslab

The SIRSLab focuses on human centred robotics research and is established at the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics of University of Siena and is coordinated by Prof. Domenico Prattichizzo ( The SIRSLab is very active in the field of Robotics in Italy, and its main focus is on  haptics, wearables, virtual reality, and robotic grasping and manipulation. Main research subjects are:
– control of robotic manipulation and grasping
– bilateral human-robot tele manipulation
– wearable haptic interfaces and wearable robots
– applications of AR and VR
– rehabilitation robotics with application to stroke and parkinson
– telepresence and remote tactile interaction

Our vision is to design highly wearable robotic/haptic interfaces to propose novel paradigms of integration between humans and robots.

The SIRSLab closely cooperates with the Advanced Robotics Lab of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genova.

For any additional information about our research and opportunities to work with us send an email to

Domenico Prattichizzo

Professor of Robotics, University of Siena
Senior Scientist, IIT Genova
IEEE Fellow
phone: +39 329 2606659
skype: domenico.prattichizzo



Wearable Haptics is the 2nd most downloaded paper on IEEE Transactions on Haptics

Our paper on Wearable Haptics “Towards wearability in fingertip haptics: a 3-DoF wearable device for cutaneous force feedback.” by Domenico Prattichizzo, Francesco Chinello,Claudio Pacchierotti, Monica Malvezzi. published on IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 6(4):506-516, 2013 is the second most downloaded paper on the IEEE Transactions on Haptics journal as shown yesterday the the EIC Lynette Jones at #whc2017 at the World Haptics Conference in Munich. The first one is a review/survey paper on medical training simulators. #sirslab

Thimbles, rings, armbands: a challenging road towards wearability in haptics at #WH2017

Thimbles, rings, armbands: a challenging road towards wearability in haptics is the ‘new’ title of my talk at the Workshop on Wearable Haptics in Munich on next Tuesday at the World Haptic Conference in Munich #WHC17 _DP #sirslab.

Smart City Radio 24. Oggi e domani alle 20.50 parliamo di VR con Maurizio Melis.

Smart City Radio 24. Oggi e domani alle 20.50  parliamo di VR con  Maurizio Melis.

Wearable Haptic Systems for the Fingertip and the Hand: Taxonomy, Review, and Perspectives

Our group has just published a new survey article on the IEEE Transactions on Haptics!

The 23-pages-long manuscript presents a taxonomy and review of wearable haptic systems for the fingertip and the hand, focusing on those systems directly addressing wearability challenges. We also discuss the main technological and design challenges for the development of wearable haptic interfaces, and report on the future perspectives of the field.

This work is the result of a collaboration between my group SIRSLab, the CNRS at Irisa and Inria Rennes (C. Pacchierotti), UPMC (V. Hayward), Inria Chile (S. Sinclair), and SSSA (A. Frisoli and M. Solazzi), in the framework of project WEARHAP.


C. Pacchierotti, S. Sinclair, M. Solazzi, A. Frisoli, V. Hayward, D. Prattichizzo. “Wearable Haptic Systems for the Fingertip and the Hand: Taxonomy, Review, and Perspectives.” IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 2017.

The paper is available from IEEEXplore (Open Access!):

Drone and Arm Cooperative Manipulation demo is running at the #hannovermesse2017 #kuka Innovation Award

This is the video of the running demo at the Hannover Messe 2017. We are competing to win the 2017 Kuka Innovation Award. This is a wonderful example of cooperative manipulation between a robotic arm and a drone.

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