July 12, 2014- Il Corriere della Sera.it/Scuola-ROBOLANDIA

An article on ROBOLANDIA: the fantastic experience in the field of educational robotics made by the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical of the University of Siena.

10356719_1479581605609991_4805835402478454643_n Check out the italian article here: In classe con la maestra e i robot- Di Nicola di Turi

Videoconference of Prof. Roudolf Kalman-June 9-11, 2014 @UNIBO

The School of Engineering and Architecture, in collaboration with the research group “Studies on epistemology and philosophy of science” at the Department of Philosophy and Communication, presented the conference:

“The lesson of the last 100 years.
Accomplishments of control theory and related fields since the beginning of World War One”
9th June 2014, Bologna, Italy – UniBo

“The recent history of System theory and new research directions in the 21st century”
Prof. Rudolf Kalman
11th June 2014, Bologna, Italy – UniBo

The revolution of Tactile Angels: vibrating bracelets for the remote guidance of blind people.

The Professor Domenico Prattichizzo and the President of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Siena, Massimo Vita, explaining the new horizons of the research in the field of the European Project Wearable Haptics for Humans and Robots-WEARHAP.

The article written by the journalist Nicola di Turi is available on the website of the national newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera” (italian version).

Click the picture below to read the article.


This week on the national magazine of “L’Espresso” our Project WEARHAP

In the article the journalist Viola Bachini explains what is the European Project Wearable Haptics for Humans and Robots-WEARHAP and the future applications on which is focused the research of the Professor Prattichizzo and his group.

Find the article in the section “Science and technology” of the magazine L’Espresso this week on page 90!

June 25, 2014-The Innovation show in Siena: Domenico Prattichizzo at RNext.

Find here the speech of Professor Prattichizzo @RNext Siena (video):

rnext (1)

La Repubblica.it-Tecnologia tattile e indossabile di Giampaolo Colletti. (article):  Così la robotica dà una mano.

June 16, 2014- La Repubblica Affari&Finanza-Se il compagno di scuola è un Robot.

An interview with the Professor Prattichizzo in the context of educational robotics, where the Professor explains the recent experience in the school of Montisi.foto (9)

June 4, 2014- Online artilces on our initiative Robolandia, last week in Montisi.

Antenna Radio Esse: La robotica per l’apprendimento delle nuove tecnologie-Antenna radio esse.

SienaFree.it: La robotica per l’apprendimento delle nuove tecnologie-SienaFree.it

June 4, 2014- An article of the UNISI Press Office on our initiative ROBOLANDIA

10421536_1479581252276693_1004769843376396444_nRead the article here: Ufficio Stampa UNISI-La robotica per l’apprendimento delle nuove tecnologie.