Silver Medal at #AsiaHaptics2016 in Tokyo



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Tokyo, early December: The SIRSLab – Robotics and Systems Lab of Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics, University of Siena – won the prestigious AsiaHaptics Silver Award for their researches on wearable robotics and the applications of virtual reality, named “A novel 3RRS wearable fingertip cutaneous device for virtual interaction”.The team, whose members are Francesco Chinello, Claudio Pacchierotti, Monica Malvezzi, Guido Gioioso, Samanta Scala, Giovanni Spagnoletti, Biagio Peccerillo and the coordinator, Professor Domenico Prattichizzo, demonstrated the Demo at Asia Haptics, an innovative international conference for the haptics fields, that this year took place in Tokyo, Japan. The conference had accepted almost a hundred demonstrations by the most influential research groups in the field of haptics from all over the world, among which the University of Siena stood out, winning second place. The  research project from Siena consists of a robotic sensing glove able to apply cutaneous forces to those who wear it, in order to make them sense the tactile consistency of virtual or remote objects.

“This silver medal is worth it as much as a gold one, especially considering that two different demos by the SIRSLab were accepted at the conference” said Professor Prattichizzo, who added “the success of our proposal results from the contribution of every single member of the team, whose hard work and talent has turned a brave initial proposal into a successful experiment”.

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