TuscanEasy- A Conference on Sustainable and Accessible Tourism in Cortona (Tuscany)- May 17, 2014


TuscanEasy is a project developed by a volunteer Consortium of different people from entrepreneurial, cultural and other types of associations.
The objective of the project is to create destinations, infrastructure and services without barriers to access; transport suitable for all users; high quality services by qualified personnel; activities, exhibitions, events, attractions that allow disabled people to benefit from tourism activities.
An important conference in this field will be held on Saturday (May 17, 2014) in Cortona.
Many national and international speakers, among them Professor Domenico Prattichizzo from the University of Siena (Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics) will speak about technologies related to accessibility.

During his speach Professor Prattichizzo will explain to the audience how his research on wearable haptic devices developed in the project “WEARable HAPtics for Humans and Robots” (WEARHAP), funded by the European Union, can guide visually impaired through the tourist attractions and how this technologies represent a novel approach to make cities accessible to people with vision disabilities.

Find here the link to the Conference program: Turismo Accessibile, esperienze a confronto.


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