The art of manipulation with robotic hands: the University of Siena will provide soon an online course on advanced robotics.

The Professor Domenico Prattichizzo, of the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics, is the winner of the award for the Academic Support Award by MathWorks, in charge to realize a MOOC on “The Art of Grasping and Manipulation in Robotics”.

The course will be released in a few months and will be use from MathWorks, the leading international global provider of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists.

The company, which provides funding for 40 thousand dollars, has assigned the task of designing a course on handling robot to the Professor Prattichizzo, as a result of an international selection. The course, which will be freely available online from the next summer, will also be used in the teaching of Human Centered Robotics Course Master of Science in Computer and Automation Engineering of the University of Siena.

Further information about the course will be available as soon as possible.

Link to the MathWorks page:

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