Intel Galileo: I can’t live without a shell…

New experiments with Intel Galileo from our friend Marco 🙂

ML's Garret Labs

Hi ,

as promised in my last post, it’s time to write some code and to create some solded part! 🙂 So…let’s start.

An embedded Linux board without a shell has no sense in my opinion. I think this after many, many, toooooo many experience with embedded boards, so similar to black boxes! 😦

You know, I prefer the old style serial shell (the original RS-232 one!), but since Intel Galileo has a fast ethernet plug one can use also a telnet or ssh connection.

So, if you prefer the RS-232 shell, you must build a simple cable in the following way:


  • One jack 3.5” stereo male connector (you can reuse it form an old pair of earphones!)
  • One DE-9 pin standard female connector for RS-232
  • Three not too long wires
  • Some basic soldering skill 🙂

Schema (drawn by myself ):

serial Galileo

The cable will be connected to the…

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