Andrea Bocelli testing the Wearable Haptic Device developed at the University of Siena


In July 2012 during the Workshop on the theme: Innovative solution to help people to overcome disability limits – a challenge for International and Italian scientists organized in Pisa by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, the SIRSLab of the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Siena showed a demo of the Wearable Haptic Device (F. Chinello, M. Malvezzi, C. Pacchierotti, D. Prattichizzo. A three DoFs wearable tactile display for exploration and manipulation of virtual objects. Proc. IEEE Haptics Symposium, Pages 71-76, Vancouver, Canada, 2012.) to Andrea Bocelli. Interacting and talking with Andrea Bocelli has been a very inspiring experience. We got new ideas for our research on wearable haptics and for new applications to help impaired people with the target of designing a world without barriers.

A great thank to Andrea Bocelli Foundation for inviting us to show our demo.

Domenico Prattichizzo, Francesco Chinello and Leonardo Meli

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