Suggestions on how to write a review for a conference paper

This post summarizes suggestions I wrote in an email to a student to help him writing a review of a conference paper. _DP

The review should contain these points:

– Description of the paper contribution.

– Description of the paper relevance. Is the paper dealing with an important problem. Is it providing important improvements.

– How the paper is placed with respect to the relevant literature in the field ?

– A part on how the paper is organized and written.

– A part on how to improve the paper if it is needed.

– At a certain point you will ask to yourself to decide for the paper. Ask yourself this question: If you had been the author, would you have written this paper?

– Be constructive in writing the review. Authors like to find comments on how to improve the paper.

A few suggestions on the writing tools

– avoid using MS word. Plain text is always better for a review. Learn to use LaTeX if you do not know is good investment for science. Learn to use an editor for text writing.

– Use short-paragraph titles to write the review and not only. By looking at the titles will you have a clear idea of the document you are writing

– On writing. Keep it simple. Do not try to write involved and long paragraphs at least at beginning. Try to avoid errors

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