Some notes on writing scientific documents

This document is mainly designed for internal use. Internal means within the research group at the SIRSLab. It reports a list of suggestions to write papers and a list of common errors.

The list is sorted by date. The oldest item is at the top of the list. LaTeX notation is used.

— Number with unit of measurement:

[YES] “the length is $23$cm”

[NO] “the length is $23cm$ or is $23$ cm”

[YES] “the force applied to the object”

[NO] “the force applied on the object”

[YES] “the device consists of”

[NO] “the device is composed of”

`Composed’ is more used in chemistry.

[Yes] “apply a force to”

[NO] “apply a force at”

[YES] use numbers only for equations that are referred in the text.

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