Aquamacs, letters with accent problem solved

The problem was that I was not able to use option-` for accent. The solution is (from the aquamacs manual) reported in the following paragraph.

Inputting characters with the Option key on non-English keyboards. In most non-English keyboard layouts, the Option key also serves to input characters such as { or or @. Using Option as Meta would inhibit you from inputting those characters. You have three options to get around this. Either, you deselect “Option Key for Meta” in the Options menu (under “Option Key”), in which case you will have to use ESC for Meta, or you toggle back and forth between the modes using Command-;, or you use Option for Meta, but enable one of the emulation modes provided in the same menu under “Option Key”. For those keyboard layouts supported, this option is the most conve- nient. The emulation will allow you to input all common characters with the Option key, while using Option for Meta in general.

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