Improving your English language knowledge

Follow this website (with podcast): English as a Second Language Podcast. I am used to commute, from home to work, and I organized my car to listen to this podcast during my travels.

Instead of wasting your time watching TV, download some TV series or movie, like Dr. House or others, in English. Download movies with subtitles (in English) or learn how to add subtitles to movies. It is very easy. For instance VLC does it. Currently a friend of mine suggested me to watch Dexter. It is too explicit but it is interesting. I would prefer Dr. House. Anyway this is not the point. Watch English movies and use subtitles (if needed).

You can also improve your English watching very very very interesting materials like online material from Universities, one over all is the MIT OPEN COURSE WARE PROJECT or follow the very inspiring TED Talks which has subtitles.

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